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Justin Sun Shows Up in San Francisco Despite Chinese Media Reports

By Jamie Green – Crypto Dealer

It seems the 28-year old Tron CEO, Justin Sun has been on a rollercoaster of cryptocurrency news lately in the last 24 hours.

First, it was stated that he had to postpone his business lunch with finance chief Warren Buffett due to being contracted with kidney stones.

Later during the day, it was reported that the rescheduling was due to legal issues instead of medical. For a while, everyone on Twitter assumed that Sun was in China, slapped with accusations of lawbreaking for which he was banned from leaving the country. News like this can cause users to sell Tron as they might believe it could negatively impact its value.

However, that story was broken yet again later in the afternoon, when Sun hosted a live video broadcast in what seems to have been the San Francisco Bay Bridge in the background. At the same time, he even joked about wishing he could have been in Miami.

The story, according to the Tron Foundation director of Global Communications, Cliff Edwards, was declared a bunk. He reported to Coindesk that the rumours were completely inaccurate in which photos were posted of Sun in San Francisco.

Though rumours of China banning Sun from leaving the country were squashed, the impact it had on Tron was far reaching. The network suffered losses on the back of the news as many users looked to cash out crypto and sell Tron. No matter the strength of a project, rumours of government regulators acting on accusations of law breaking, will have a negative impact. Sun dispelled these rumours by live broadcasting himself at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and not the Golden Gate Bridge, though much damage has been done.

Sun stated:

“I’m not feeling quite well but I think we gonna postpone but definitely looking forward to it.” Sun went on to further his claim by posting "It's pretty comfortable in San Francisco," to alleviate further rumours that he was in China.

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