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Japan’s Largest Online Retailer Registers Rakuten Wallet, Inc

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Investor

The Rakuten Wallet Inc has completed registration as a Virtual Currency Exchange Service with the Kanto Local Finance Bureau as detailed through their press release. Rakuten will therefore provide digital currency exchange services together with their new Rakuten wallet for the storage of digital assets. Investors will soon be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency along with holding and spending through Rakuten’s services.

Rakuten Wallet begun its digital currency exchange back in 2017 and applied soon after to become a digital currency exchange service provider under the Payment Services Act. Rakuten received approval to continue its operations in Japan changing its trading name from Everyone’s Bitcoin Inc to the Rakuten Wallet.

By providing these services and Becoming a digital currency exchange service provider, Rakuten can become a hub for selling Bitcoin online by providing an all-in-one service platform. Rakuten have also expressed interest to develop and support the industry by implementing better security and services to users for a secure and trusted experience.

No details have been released regarding the cryptocurrencies the Rakuten wallet will support, however, it is likely to support those that buy and sell Bitcoin along with the other major coins. We are yet to find out if users can buy and sell crypto directly from their wallet to the exchange service.

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