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Investors Worldwide Demand For More Businesses To Accept Crypto Trading Assets As Forms Of Payment

By Harry B - Crypto Speculator - 03-08-2021

Bitcoin in sand

In a recent study regarding investing in cryptocurrency, the results were overwhelming with many people in support for more companies adding crypto payment gateways. Over 60% of respondents stated they wanted to cut out the middleman and use their cryptocurrency investments as payment. 

One reason for an increased demand for crypto payments is to avoid unnecessary transaction fees converting crypto to fiat if investors decide to use their crypto investment profits. Another reason is to make online purchases more private or safe.

Data suggests that crypto giant Bitcoin (BTC) is a popular choice for investing and one of the top go-to options for consumers. This past week, a well-known payments publication, Pymnts, released a market research survey on consumer preferences for using Bitcoin investments for payments.

In collaboration with BitPay, the study worked alongside the crypto payment provider to discover that the results show that both crypto owners and non-owners are interested in crypto payments. When answering the question as to whether participants would consider making cryptocurrency purchases in the future, 93% of respondents voted yes. In response to any non-owners of crypto assets, 59% said they would consider investing in the near future. 

When answering whether or not the participants would be interested in accepting crypto payment gateways and utilising them for more secure and private purchasing, 60% of crypto owners were more than interested. Even 23% of non-crypto owners expressed interest in adopting crypto payments. 

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