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Investors Are All About Altcoins As Coins Like XYO See Triple Digit Gains

By Lewis - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 03-11-2021

Even though Bitcoin (BTC) remains being the number one crypto market investment, many investors have turned to altcoins to seek high profits. Recently, the prices to buy XYO, TRAC, and MKR have risen exponentially, almost reaching triple figure percentage increases. The latest top gainers have been making investors hopeful for an upcoming altcoin season as we see altcoins growing speedily while Bitcoin gets stuck at $62K. According to the latest data regarding top gainers, it appears that Decentralised Financing (DeFi) tokens, blockchain gaming coins, and supply-chain initiatives are booming greatly in the market. The three types of cryptocurrencies have been seeing double if not triple-digit increases, with the highest gainers being XYO Network’s XYO coin, Maker MkR, and OriginTrail TRAC.

So why are TRAC, XYO, and MKR the top gainers? For TRAC, according to its market statistics, it appears that many investors have been taking a liking to the cryptocurrency for quite some time already. TRAC is the native crypto token to the OriginTrail platform; OriginTrail is a decentralised knowledge graph protocol that helps investors organise their crypto assets. When looking into TRAC’s VORTECS score, the crypto token has moved into the dark green zone in late October. According to the report, two days before the token rose by 232%, TRAC had already reached a new high of 81. Reportedly, TRAC’s growth is due to it being listed on Coinbase and many other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The price for buying XYO crypto tokens comes as the XYO Network reaches 3 million nodes. According to the VORTECS Score for XYO, in late October, the cryptocurrency had reached a bullish 76 before seeing an 88% increase by the start of November. And finally, MKR rises due to Maker’s TVL new all-time high. According to MKR’s VORTECS Score, the cryptocurrency moved into the green zone on November 1 with a bullish score of 70. Unlike XYO and TRAC however, MKR started seeing high price rises only 3 hours after hitting 70, seeing increases of 51.4%.

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