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Investment Firm And Protocol Collaborates To Achieve Easier Decentralised Financed Objective

By Tyler S - Crypto Broker - 7-08-2021

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a vital component of the crypto market with many successful projects. DeFi projects each hold their own native cryptocurrency to allow users to access the services of the platform. Many of these DeFi tokens can be found at popular crypto exchange platforms where you can buy PancakeSwap (CAKE) or invest in Polygon (MATIC) and other popular DeFi cryptocurrencies.

A recent announcement has been made to the DeFi and crypto community that an institutional investment firm and protocol are coming together to make asset generation more accessible for DeFi projects. Honeycomb and PLUGnet have reportedly started collaborating to improve synthetic asset generation within the blockchain and DeFi space. 

Honeycomb Digital Investments is a firm with a niche to focus on digital assets and companies utilising blockchain technology. PLUGnet Partner Alliance is a protocol that allows users to access any assets they want. The collaboration with the protocol is so that Honeycomb can help to improve the PLUGnet system to promote, integrate, trade, list, regulate and maintain it.

Honeycomb has already provided investments that cover the whole variety of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Its approach combines blockchain expertise with the traditional securities industry; mixing the two types of niche knowledge provides a new sort of problem-solving. Its goal is to provide investors with an opportunity to profit from the expansion and development of blockchain.

The CEO of PLUGnet, Jerry Yuan stated in the announcement that the collaboration should provide a "bridge the gap between traditional asset management and DeFi." Both companies seek further adoption to improve the DeFi systems for when the project has been completed.

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