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Influencers Will Be Able to Utilise Dual Cityzen’s Strong Web3 Community Framework

By Ollie - Cryptocurrency Broker - 02-12-2021

Web3 gaming metaverse, Dual CityZen is aiming to provide modern day gaming influencers autonomy and control of their fan base. Dual CityZen has stated that influencers are able to have more control of their following through using the platform’s Web3 technology. The company offers its Web3 framework that gives popular streamers access to build their own metaverse communities. As the metaverse is becoming a globally known subject, it’s clear that the world is steadily moving on to a more decentralised digital world. Decentralised blockchain technology has been a strong development that continues to gain popularity each day. As decentralisation becomes increasingly popular, through blockchains, investing in cryptocurrency, or through building a decentralised web, the topic further brings the new Web 3.0 into discussion.

As a reminder, centralisation isn’t a bad thing as both centralised and decentralised technologies have their own benefits. Investors and users should do their research to understand what type of technology be better for them. However, with regards to Web 3.0, this new technology created a whole new pathway for the future of the Internet. Web 3.0 allows internet users to interact with data without third parties, preserving privacy for a decentralised internet. Dual CityZen aims to better serve the internet-user and to bring about the next generation of the internet. Furthermore, the project founders have stated that influencers need to begin gaining ownership and autonomy over their fans. They explained that centralised platforms have been in control for far longer than anyone would like them to, that it’s time for content creators to have a closer connection to their followers.

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