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In the crowded NFT market, Playdapp & Mikey NFT stands out and sells out in three hours

Dom – Crypto Speculator

Prior to the release of its new game "tournaments," which will grant existing NFT holders exclusive access, the NFT Market is urging NFT investors to purchase its incredibly successful NFT.

The 10,000 free minting NFTs in the "PlayDapp Members+ Mikey NFT" collection, which was released by the Blockchain Gaming Platform and NFT Marketplace PlayDapp, were all sold out in less than three hours. DJ Mikey, a brash young red panda who became a Superstar DJ, was included in the collection.

A total of $17,296 worth of PlayDapp Members+Mikey Non Fungible Tokens collection was exchanged on the market between September 6 and September 18, 2022. Initially having a beginning daily floor price of $4.39 at the time of its inception, Mikey NFT's price soared to $5.91 on its final trading day, an increase of 34.6%. 3,992 NFTs were transferred or sold in total.

NFT Crypto holders of the PlayDapp are given exclusive access to the gaming tournaments where they can win extra token payouts for $PLA NFT Coins. The holders of the PlayDapp's Ethereum token relative to those who do not have NFT. Additionally, PlayDapp NFT holders are given more opportunities to participate in the game than non-NFT holders, suggesting that the former may have more opportunities to attempt and win the $PLA incentives.

"We are thrilled that our NFT collection sold out entirely in less than three hours,” says Peter Song, the head of PlayDapp's global marketing, "What was initially a free-minting NFT gained value in the market, becoming our best-seller. We are in an exciting time right now, and we can't wait to introduce our new game Tournaments, which will raise awareness of and boost the value of our NFTs,” he says.

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