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In order to create a musical metaverse, The Sandbox collaborates with Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group has joined with The Sandbox, one of the largest crypto metaverses, as a complete surprise to the whole cryptocurrency trading community. The metaverse project has previously welcomed great personalities to the digital world, particularly among musicians, such as Snoop Dogg who loves to trade crypto. But this project is clearly one of the most significant successes yet.

Warner Brothers is intending to develop an ESTATE that will be a "mix of musical theme park and performance venue" where visitors will be able to attend concerts and other musical events. As a result of this significant development, The Sandbox is on track to become the first licensed music-themed environment.

Warner Bros. released the following statement: "With the possession of virtual real estate, our relationship with The Sandbox offers a new dimension of possibilities to the metaverse." Warner Music has grabbed the metaverse's equivalent of beachfront land as a first-mover. We'll create continuous, immersive social music experiences on the LAND that transcend real-world limits and let our artists and fans to participate in ways they've never done before."

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