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In a short period of time, a large number of Meta Cricket League NFTs were sold out

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  • 55,000 Meta Cricket League (MCL) NFTs were sold through JumptradeNFT
  • During the live airdrop, the collection was completely sold out
  • Chelsea Football Club NFT collectibles are likely to be released soon by Jumptrade

JumptradeNFT, an NFT gaming site, sold approximately 55,000 Meta Cricket League (MCL) NFTs in the first few minutes after they went online on April 22. These NFTS were available for $25 apiece. MCL is a new Jumptrade play-to-earn game in which users may win rewards by climbing leader boards.

MCL NFTs are also important since they let players to monetize their gaming. In addition, similarly to cryptocurrency trading, users may use their digital assets to unlock rewards and real-world value. They may also acquire playable, authenticated, and autographed legend items, as well as update NFTs to improve performance in-game.

GuardianLink's Co-Founder and COO, Kameshwaran Elangovan, stated, "We have had an enormous reaction from both the gaming and cricket communities." The pre-booking activity has also attracted a lot of attention.

To be sure, Jumptrade is expected to release Chelsea Football Club collectible NFTs with exclusive content such as photographs, signed postcards, and tickets depicting the team's historic moments dating back to 1905.

With the development of crypto market and introduction of blockchain technology, NFT platforms have grown in popularity. This world is expanding into new areas such as music, art, fashion, and beauty. Moreover, several businesses are entering the NFT market by developing their own proprietary NFTs. GuardianLink, a blockchain solutions company, has established JumptradeNFT, an international NFT gaming platform. Gaming NFTs, as well as foreign companies and celebrity NFTs, are included on the site. Meta Cricket League is notable for being the world's first NFT cricket game. The game has a community-driven feature that allows users to make money by using NFTs.

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