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Immutable Co-Founder Robbie Ferguson tweets on the idea of 100 million new crypto users joining through peer-to-peer gaming

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

  • He believes that a single game that breaks new ground can result in a multi-fold increase in DAU in a matter of days
  • P2E gaming might be a viable employment option for young people all around the world

The recent disruptors in the NFT ecosystem have been play-to-earn (P2E) games. Robbie Ferguson, the Co-Founder of Immutable, speculates that gaming will be the source of the next one hundred million crypto Daily Active Users (DAU).

While P2E gaming platforms integrate the metaverse with Web3 to provide a medium of investment, NFT aficionados may also earn money by playing these games. Experts in the crypto market investment industry predict that in the near future, NFT gaming will account for 10-20% of market income.

According to research released last year by the Blockchain Game Alliance, the number of young people interested in investing in cryptocurrency as well as in digital games as a source of passive income is growing throughout the world. It went on to say that the worldwide income from blockchain gaming was anticipated to be over $180.3 billion, and that NFT trading generated $2.32 billion in revenue, 22 percent of which came from the gaming sector.

"Whoever wins the NFT blockchain warfare will become the default network of all future gaming, entertainment, and collecting apps," Ferguson said in a 2020 post. In today's tweet, he reinforced the point, stating that one ground-breaking web3 game will instantly double the crypto user base.

The blockchain gaming movement exemplifies how the metaverse is opening new professional opportunities for young people, particularly in underdeveloped nations where the ROI may be higher than the usual minimum wage.

With over 2,000 major blockchain games on the market, such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox, and Gods Unchained, the expanding populace partaking confirms Ferguson's hypothesis.

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