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I Find It Shocking How People Think Crypto Is Good, Says Jim Cramer

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  • According to Jim Cramer, the amount of conceit displayed by those who believe in cryptocurrency is fascinating

  • The host of CNBC's Mad Money program spoke extensively on the drawbacks that various cryptocurrencies have

  • Solana and Ripple were cited by Cramer simultaneously, which suggested that Ripple is in the same situation as FTX and Solana

Jim Cramer, the host of Mad Money on CNBC and CNBC Investing Club, said in a recent interview with Squawk Box that he finds the degree of hubris in those who believe that cryptocurrency is good to be stunning. Cramer talked extensively about the shortcomings in regulation that hurt some cryptocurrencies and the lack of necessity for regulation on the part of the government. 

In terms of the enormous quantities of debt, Cramer said he had an issue with the dollar, a problem shared by cryptocurrency investor Barry Silbert. However, in such circumstances, one may simply transfer to gold or other assets like real estate. People, however, choose cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and Solana, which the government does not believe should be controlled. Cramer continued by saying that the highly traded stock Enron was something he would have liked.

In a tweet, Digital Asset Investor, a Twitter analyst, expressed his opinion that Ripple had been unfairly singled out in a few recent interviews. A recent headline from Fox Business' "Morning with Maria" program claimed that a settlement between Ripple and the SEC was anticipated; however, the claim was quickly disproved, and the Twitter community theorized that there was an underlying message that was not adequately communicated.

The crypto community consequently thinks that the price of Ripple will be impacted by all of the developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In the legal battle with the SEC, Ripple is still on life support. However, if you are a believer that Ripple will overcome the clash, now might be the best time to buy XRP. The cheapest coin site to buy and sell cryptocurrency is BCBitcoin – a reliable cryptobroker.

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