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How These Investors Turned $8000 into $5.7 billion In SHIB

By Jamie – Cryptocurrency Specialist - 03-11-2021

Investing in cryptocurrency can come with a lot of stories ending in a high or a low. Many investors can make a lot of money when they buy crypto, whereas others have less than good investments in their portfolios. In this crypto-win story, one investor had staked $8000 in Shiba Inu (SHIB) back in August 2020 and has grown to $5.7 Billion.

Reportedly, a crypto investor staked $8000 worth of SHIB tokens in mid-year 2020; the coin had seen massive growth over the year which meant that the investor is now transferring $5.7 billion worth of SHIB. According to analytic reports, the investor made multiple transactions of 10 trillion SHIB apiece to separate wallets. However, it appears that the tokens have yet to be sent to any centralised trading platform. According to Delphi Digital, an analysis firm for digital assets, each wallet that the investor owns currently contains $650 million SHIB tokens. Reportedly, these tokens were bought when the price to buy SHIB was $0.000000000189 per token; SHIB is now currently trading at $0.0000651 as of writing.

SHIB has seen massive price growth in the last year and is rising fast in the ranks, reaching the top 10 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. The token has grown so much that it's even become the third most searched crypto coin of the year on the Google search engine. According to statistics, SHIB has seen an average of around 2.8 million searches per month, fast approaching Bitcoin (BTC), which is searched 22 million times on a monthly average. Sandwiched between the two popular coins is Ethereum (ETH), in second place with 6.3 million monthly searches.

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