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How ChatGPT's New OpenAI Plugins Can Benefit Crypto Investors

David - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot created by OpenAI, has introduced a new plugin feature that allows it to access the internet and retrieve information from online sources. This development could potentially have a positive impact on the crypto industry, especially for investors looking to buy crypto assets.

Limited Alpha Phase and Plugin Features

OpenAI's decision to roll out the plugin features to a limited set of users initially reflects their commitment to studying the real-world use and impact of the plugins. Currently, there are only 11 plugins available, but the gradual rollout of additional plugins suggests that OpenAI is taking a measured approach to ensure that the plugins are effective and safe. This approach also allows for user feedback and suggestions for improvement, which can help OpenAI refine the plugin features before expanding to larger-scale access.

With the new plugins feature, ChatGPT now can access information from a range of sources and interact with third-party websites in a safe and secure way. These plugins have been designed with safety as a core principle, enabling ChatGPT to run computations and use third-party services with ease. Some of the supported websites include popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Klarna, and Instacart, and travel search engines like Expedia and KAYAK. In addition, ChatGPT can now utilize the powerful math computer Wolfram, and business messaging app Slack, along with a host of other useful apps like FiscalNote, Milo Family AI, OpenTable, Shop, Speak, and Zapier. With these plugins, ChatGPT is now better equipped to provide accurate and up-to-date information to its users, making it an even more powerful tool for those looking to access information quickly and efficiently.

How ChatGPT Accesses the Web

ChatGPT's ability to retrieve information from online sources is made possible using the Bing API, which enables ChatGPT to conduct searches for relevant information. The text-based web browser then allows ChatGPT to navigate the search results and interact with third-party websites. What makes ChatGPT unique is its ability to synthesize information from multiple sources, which enables it to provide a more comprehensive and grounded response. To ensure the accuracy of its responses, ChatGPT also cites the sources used, giving users the ability to verify the information provided.

Positive Impact on Crypto Investors

The ability to use plugins that access the internet could improve ChatGPT's arguably biggest shortcoming, which is that it was trained with data only up to September 2021 and does not have access to the internet to grab more recent information. For crypto investors looking to buy crypto assets, ChatGPT's new plugin feature could provide access to up-to-date information, making it easier to make informed decisions.

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