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Hollywood insider’s 'Crypto Critic' Leaves Warning For All Celebrities Promoting Crypto-Assets

By Lewis - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 01-12-2021


Ben McKenzie has stated that blockchain technology has an integral part in the financing industry. However, he noted that more famous people are beginning to promote crypto and blockchain products before building that trust with investors. Ben McKenzie is an actor famously known for being cast as Jim Gordon in Gotham. The actor goes on to talk about how celebrities enter the crypto scene without ever having a previous interest in crypto market investments. This isn't the first time McKenzie had spoken out against celebrities lazily promoting crypto ventures as the actor had made headlines back in October.

The actor in support of buying crypto and investing in blockchain-backed assets had collaborated with Jacob Silverman on an article titled “Celebrity Crypto Shilling Is a Moral Disaster.” The article had stated that reality show star Kim Kardashian had been pushing for people to buy cryptocurrency token EthereumMax (EMAX). As much as it is great for people to promote crypto adoption, those that invested in the coin had lost all of their money when EMAX rose by 116,000% before the coin dropped back down to $0. The article stressed that celebrities are simply throwing their names and brands onto anything they can make money on, whether that being NFTs, cryptocurrencies, to significant cryptocurrency trading platforms. The article written by Silverman and McKenzie have explained that celebrities and influencers are pushing their fans to buy anything they’re selling without fully understanding what it is they’re selling and what are the repercussions.

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