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High Gains for New Kind of Network (NKN) As It Expands Its Blockchain

By Max - Crypto Specialist - 07-04-2021

Block Chain Note

Peer-to-peer network connectivity protocol, New Kind of Network (NKN) has recently seen a price rally. The price to buy NKN crypto tokens has come when the protocol had expanded its consensus nodes to reach more than 67,000. As we have seen many times before, cryptocurrency projects that are not as well-known will suddenly boom once investors buy in as the prices begin to rise. New Kind of Network is no exception as it's recently become one of the top gainers. The price for buying NKN has seen an increase of 1,400%, rising from $0.052 to $0.779.

New Kind of Network launched in January 2018, since its debut, the protocol has been growing its community behind the scenes. By actively growing its fan and user base in the background, New Kind of Network will gradually be able to reach its goal of becoming the largest blockchain network. More specifically, New Kind of Network plans on being the most significant blockchain network in terms of consensus nodes. Aside from its main goal, the company aims to motivate its users to share their network connections so they can make the use out of untouched bandwidth. Its native cryptocurrency can be used for a variety of things, such as developers buying crypto token NKN to edit smart contracts. The price to purchase and sell NKN had also greatly risen due to Binance’s NKN staking announcement. NKN holders could earn around 20% APY if they placed NKN tokens into their Binance savings accounts.

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