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Hashed CEO was unable to attend at the LUNA panel due to mental illness

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Seojoon Simon Kim, the CEO of the South Korean virtual asset firm Hashed, has refused to testify before the Tera-LUNA panel of inquiry, alleging mental illness, anxiety, and panic attacks.

The CEO gave testimony as part of the Tera-LUNA collapse investigation by the National Assembly Political Affairs Committee, according to Korean media. Kim informed the committee that his health had gotten worse as a result of the Terra-LUNA crash and that he needed time to recover from the stress of the event.

In a letter obtained by the local media, Hashed CEO stated, "I have been suffering from anxiety illnesses and panic disorders due to significant mental stress since the Tera-LUNA. I've been undergoing psychiatric therapy at another hospital since July 29, and my stress level has increased significantly".

It is important to note that Kim's virtual asset company bought 30 million LUNA tokens and suffered a total loss of over $3.5 billion as a result of the crash.

The following witnesses were also called: Kang Jong-hyun, a significant Bithumb shareholder; Shin Hyun-Seong, the general manager of Tchaiholdco; Lee Jung-hoon, a former chairman of Bithumb Korea; and Lee Seok-woo, the CEO of Dunamu.

Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin informed the South Korean National Assembly that he did not want to speak before the MPs. In a letter, Shin asserted that his participation in the parliamentary audit would harm the ongoing investigation in Terra-LUNA by the local prosecutors.

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