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Hashed CEO Claims Mental Illness as Justification for Missing Terra Enquiry

  • Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO of Hash, does not show up for the National assembly

  • The purpose of the gathering was to learn more about the Luna-Terra event

  • He offered mental illness as his excuse for missing the meeting

Peter Seojoon Kim, the CEO of VC Hashed in South Korea, has stated that he will not testify in a congressional inquiry concerning LUNA because of mental illness. He said that since LUNA's dissolution, he has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks.

Kim was chosen to serve on the Political Affairs Committee of the National Assembly as part of an investigation into the Luna-Terra disaster. However, Kim excused his absence from the meeting by stating that he needed stability and was under stress. In response to the news, FatMan said that Kim, who boosted Anchor's core interest and promoted its stability artificially, is now refusing to appear and citing mental illness.

In his declaration of no appearance, Kim said that he has been getting mental treatment since July 29 and that the drugs and therapy have made his stress problem worse. Additionally, he said that the symptoms are becoming worse.

Shin Hyun-seong, general manager of Tchaiholdco, and Kim Seo-joon, CEO of Hashd, were asked to testify by the Political Affairs Committee during the inquiry into the Terra/Luna incident on the 14th. Hashed CEO Seojun Kim invested in Terra and Luna at an early stage. He also included an expert opinion and a medical certificate to support the condition he has been in. Seo-Joon disclosed that Hashed, which held 30 million LUNC coins, had lost $3.6 billion from its high value in late April.

Do Kwon, the CEO and co-founder of Terra, was not included as the subject of an investigation by Korea's Political Affairs Committee, despite the fact that he is still wanted by international law enforcement.

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