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Harcox Finance is a DeFi project that provides affordable scaling solutions

By Aaron – Bitcoin Investor - 30/01/2022

Harcox Finance is pleased to announce the launch of a “community DeFi project created to provide more accessible scaling solutions and serve humanity.” To reach its aim of resolving cryptocurrency trading and NFT scalability challenges, the team is using the power of breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology, such as those listed below.


Harcox Finance is a company that specialises in financial services. The Metaverse is the project's central component, with a virtual gaming landscape set in the year 2230. The Sci-Fi aesthetics, which include interactions with extra-terrestrials and interplanetary systems, the use of robotic schematics and droids are just some of the appealing characteristics of this Metaverse.

Individuals and businesses can acquire lands and assets in the metaverse, which they can then build using NFTs that are available through the Harcox Finance NFT Marketplace. They can utilise the bought land to construct schools, offices, sports stadiums, music venues, and other relevant structures.

The team lets users buy houses and lands using the Harcox Finance token (HF), the Metaverse's planned currency for all transactions.

Non-Fungible Token (NFTs)

The organisation also intends to launch an NFT Marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrency, where users can display valuables and artwork that they can exchange for Harcox Finance tokens. The Harcox Finance app allows users to trade, sell, and purchase licensed and premium collectibles and virtual items. They can also create, display, and sell the facilities and equipment needed to develop Metaverse territory.


Harcox Finance will be automated through API interaction with several of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, including Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, BTer, and Poloiex.

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