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General Availability of The Amazon Managed Blockchain Becomes Accessible

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Inc has announced the recent general availability of their Amazon Managed Blockchain service which will allow the easy creation and on-going management of blockchain networks. Customers can use the software to setup a blockchain network spanning the multiple AWS accounts to execute transactions and maintain the cryptographically verifiable records without a central authority.

The software is said to be able to support thousands of applications and millions of transactions using open-source frameworks from Ethereum and the Hyperledger Fabric. AWS can handle transactions to sell Ethereum via some of the potential applications through integration and support. As usage of a blockchain applications grows and more moving parts are involved, the complexity to scale increases significantly. The AWS service makes managing a blockchain network scalable by making it easy and cost effective for customers.

The Hyperledger Fabric is to be supported at launch with Ethereum becoming available later in the year. This means those looking to develop will not be able to utilise the Ethereum framework to buy or sell Ether through applications at first.

The Amazon Managed Blockchain at AWS will take care of all the provisioning of nodes, setting up the network, managing certificates and security, whilst scaling the network all on behalf of customers. Managing a lot of the blockchain will allow projects to focus on the applications development for the innovation of the technology.

The service has only been described to support the two frameworks yet could be integrated with other networks such as EOS or Tron. This would allow customers to build blockchain applications using the EOS networks framework to potentially buy or sell EOS through integrated applications.

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