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GameFi Gets $300M In Support For Its New Projects By The TRON Foundation

By Jamie G - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 15-08-2021

TRON has once again been taking the media by storm, with cryptocurrency trading fans excited to see its latest endeavours. The TRON Foundation has cooperated with NFT fund, APENFT, and decentralised oracle WINKLink to establish a $300 million fund.

The plans to fund GameFi will occur over the next three years as TRON Arcade will be the fund to invest in cryptocurrency gaming projects. GameFi intends to expand its marketing towards younger generations who have taken a mass interest in virtual gaming worlds.

TRON is a well-known crypto project that has the dedication to pathing the way for a decentralised internet. The project also has its own crypto asset, TRON. You can buy TRON at many popular cryptocurrency brokers.

With TRONs partnerships with APENFT and WINKLink, the three companies will soon launch a $300 million fund. As previously stated, the $300M will be invested into GameFi projects over the next three years, which is a massive step forward for the TRON Foundation. The expansion efforts will further increase the potential for global acceptance of blockchain technology. 

The TRON Arcade fund has a goal in mind to provide developers with the necessary tools to support the GameFi project and invest in comprehensive Decentralized Finance content. In terms of expanding its market, TRON has been working towards capturing the attention of a younger target market. 

Virtual gaming and online worlds are in high demand for young players, spawning an NFT, DeFi, and gaming hybrid. GameFi has mastered the art of designing projects that bring together the three features that bring hype to the gaming community and the crypto enthusiasts.

Reportedly, TRON has stated that it is delighted to be collaborating with APENFT and WINKLink. The crypto and gaming communities are looking forward to witnessing TRONs plans to establish a comprehensive GameFi environment that is open to anyone.

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