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GALA Sees Triple Figure Gains In Q1 As Gala Gaming Gets Popular

By Harry - Cryptocurrency Retailer - 07-02-2022


Gala Gaming’s native cryptocurrency, GALA, has seen a significant increase in the early days of this month. Reportedly, the reason for why the crypto market investment is seeing tremendous growth this past week is due to Gala Gaming attracting constant new gamers. As Gala gaming grows, so does the price to buy GALA. Gala Gaming is a play-to-earn (P2E) game platform backed by decentralised blockchain technology. Although, despite its advanced mechanics, Gala Gaming doesn’t advertise it as the feel that their players don’t need to be blockchain experts in order to enjoy the games on the platform. Instead, the company uses its technology to allow players that more control so they can earn and keep whatever they receive in the game.

In the last few months, we have seen game-backed crypto tokens rise and fall greatly, making game cryptocurrencies one of the most volatile assets to purchase. The massive price fluctuations are due to a multitude of gamers who want to earn money while playing these P2E games. Despite this, the price for buying GALA has climbed to triple figure gains in February so far. The game has since witnessed a 117% increase from $0.177 at the start of the week, to $0.384 today. There are many reasons for the coin’s recent success, for example, Gala Gaming has been giving more support to new projects on the platform to not only publish them but help them grow. As previously stated, another example is that the platform is naturally growing and receiving a lot of gamer attention in recent months.

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