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French Lawmaker Has Signed a Petition to Encourage the Country's Central Bank to Purchase Bitcoin

By Jamie G. - Crypto Expert -12-03-2021

A French lawmaker has recently signed a petition to ask government officials to finally start getting the Bank of France to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and to start accumulating other popular cryptocurrencies alongside the major crypto coin.

Founder of a blockchain design company and representative of the French parliament in the lower house, Jean-Michel Mis, has such a high ambition and passion to have France become a cryptocurrency nation. So, depending on if whether or not the appeal follows those requirements, only then will it be passed to the French Parliament.

The petition was originally filed earlier in March by Francois-Xavier Thoorens, who is the CEO of Ark Ecosystem. It cites quite the list of examples of major companies such as Tesla and MicroStrategy that have made large Bitcoin purchases. The petition also mentioned Miami City's proposal to spend its funds in the popular cryptocurrency.

Within the petition, it had stated that France must follow a policy within the sector and a statute in order for it to be implemented. With a chance of an overhaul to the Monetary and Financial Code so that the Banque de France has the legal right to buy and sell Bitcoin.

However, at the time of writing, the petition had only collected 408 of the 100,000 signatures available. If this is achieved, it will then move to the floor of the Senate.

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