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Freeway's cryptocurrency staking platform halts withdrawals and states FatMan

Gus – Cryptocurrency expert 

  • Due to market volatility, the Freeway cryptocurrency market investment staking platform stopped processing withdrawals.

  • FatMan claims that Freeway is operating a Ponzi scheme and exhorts the investors to take their money out.

  • According to founder Doggart, "We designed it to offer advantages and rewards for individuals."

According to a message posted on its website, Freeway, a cryptocurrency staking platform located in the UK, has stopped accepting withdrawals due to the turbulence in the cryptocurrency and forex markets.

A researcher in cryptocurrency trading and finance named FatMan informed the community of crypto twitters about Freeway's decision to halt withdrawals through Twitter.

However, FatMan advised the cryptocurrency community to make withdrawals as soon as possible before Freeway stopped allowing withdrawals. FatMan warned the users to make withdrawals by saying “I would advise everyone who has money in the crypto yield platform Freeway to withdraw it immediately. They seem to be running a Ponzi scam, in my opinion. My prediction is that Freeway will most likely fail within the next few months, causing all depositors to lose everything.”

Notably, one of Freeway's creators, Graham Doggart, noted in a recent video that was uploaded to the company's YouTube channel: We designed it [referring to Freeway] to provide advantages and incentives for people, and I want to see those individuals benefit from it and be paid for it. In another instance, Matt Spangard, CTO of Freeway, stated "It doesn't matter if the market is going up or down, you're constantly receiving a little bit more of what we already have," in a promotional video from July 12, 2021.

FatMan claims that after stopping the withdrawal, Freeway removed all team members' identities from their website. Regarding this disgraceful behavior of Freeway, FatMan warned in a post not to ignore "the fraudsters," alluding to the company's elite employees.

Furthermore, FatMan says he'd be shocked if one of them didn't undergo plastic surgery.

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