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Fractally is a decentralised exchange and social media platform in one

Fractally is a hybrid of a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platform (DEX), which allows users to swap cryptocurrency a social networking platform, and a high-performance smart contract platform with the most comprehensive decentralised governance mechanism on the market, according to EOS's original concept from 2017.

The Fractally platform was developed on the basis and vision of all the lessons learnt from his first two blockchains, BitShares and Steem, according to the company's creator.

The founder's book, "More Equal Animals - The Subtle Art of True Democracy," released in 2020, outlines the lessons learnt through Eden. The inventor of Fractally claims to have solved many of the problems with Steem's token-weighted voting technique, which is one of the founder's first two blockchains.

He claims that they put the fractal governance process to the test in 2021 when they launched Eden on EOS and had three elections with hundreds of participants. Violet.garden, an EOS-based social blogging network, was able to develop Universal Basic Income and a Sybil-resistant blogging platform by leveraging Eden members' strong individualism.

BitShares was the first DeFi platform, according to him, and it is still the quickest decentralised exchange on the crypto market. As a consequence, using BitShares' simple user interface, no smart contract programming is necessary to create, distribute, or swap tokens. Steem, on the other hand, was the first blockchain-powered social media platform. It became one of the top 1000 websites in the world because it paid members to publish (according to Alexa). Hive.blog, on the other hand, is now the official home of the Steem community.

With addition, the decentralised exchange and social media network stated that John Williamson, the creator of Violet.garden, has been engaged to assist in the development of a well-regulated social media platform for EOS.

Thanks to funding from the EOS Network Foundation, Fractally has now taken on the task of maintaining Mandel, the community-driven fork of EOSIO. This is possible since the Fractally team comprises many of the original EOSIO engineers.

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