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For the maker community, DEIP introduces its first metaverse city

Dave - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

DEIP, an ecosystem that links Web3 with the creative economy, formally debuted its DEIP Metaverse City.

According to estimates, the market for the metaverse might grow to $13 trillion by 2030, making it the next trillion-dollar sector. As a result, it is not surprising that there has been a lot of activity lately.

The first virtual city created by creators, meta-architects and 3D artists is called the DEIP Metaverse City. The project, which is based on Arhead Metaverse, enables global producers to communicate in a virtual environment and makes use of DEIP technologies to ease the transition to Web3. In particular, creators will have access to the tools required to launch enterprises and tokenize, manage, and profit from assets.

Arhead Metaverse, the BALAGAN creative agency, and the ATRIUM architecture company worked together to create the metaverse metropolis. The teams have worked to build a replica of the firm in a virtual setting with DEIP. The result is a series of five distinct typologies, including a three-story-high exhibition space, a boulevard, a maze-like setting with several intersecting streets, tunnels, and a plaza with an amphitheater.

"We like making vibrant, aesthetically varied spaces where the observer experiences the city in an unexpected way, and we have included these elements into our project. Of course, compared to working in the actual world, we had a lot more freedom. Overall, we were able to combine various urban environments that tourists would encounter in various locations”, according to the ATRIUM architectural studio.

Alex Shkor, the CEO and co-founder of DEIP, commented on the protocol and said that his business was constructing the essential infrastructure to provide a smooth migration from Web2 to Web3. “We needed to create a place where creators could interact, work together, learn about the most recent technology advancements, and advance the decentralized creator economy.” he added. A project that has become a gathering place for gifted creative minds is DEIP Metaverse City. Representatives of Metapurse, Centre Pompidou, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Mubert, and many other organizations visited the city on the first day. This is only the start.

It's interesting to note that six projects have already used DEIP's technology, including Arhead, a "physical" metaverse ecosystem platform, Legal Music, an NFT ticketing service, and a virtual architectural and design platform.

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