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Financial Advisors Club NFTs Are Now Available For Minting

By Lewis - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast - 28-09-2021

We have seen exponential growth in the non-fungible token (NFT) industry as more investors buy crypto art pieces. Like investing in cryptocurrency, the NFT market is just as volatile, if not more so, attracting many risky investors looking to jump in the growing trend. Responding to the increasing NFT trends, the NFT collection The Financial Advisors Club had announced that they are now officially minting live.

According to the NFT collection's Twitter post, this announcement is the first of its sort within the crypto art industry. The Financial Advisors Club team has stated that they plan to create the first NFT to provide their holders with a tax break of up to 25%. Reportedly, the club consists of around 5,000 members who are, as the name suggests, financial advisors. Despite these financial advisors being a part of a club, they prefer to refer to themselves as "Degenerates." The Degenerates utilise NFTs from the club as profile photos on social media platforms.

So, what is The Financial Advisors Club? The club is a series of 10,000 uniquely made meme NFTs. The collection is available as an ERC721 token created within the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Crypto enthusiasts and fans need to first buy Ethereum token ETH to purchase the crypto art collection.

Despite the recent worldwide trend and heavy news media coverage regarding the NFT industry becoming a massive trend, NFTs have been around for a few years. NFTs are crypto assets that are bought, sold, and traded the same way any tangible piece of art is, but what makes it different is the non-fungible part. Art pieces that are a non-fungible token state that they are unique and cannot be copied or replaced.

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