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Filecoin Protocol Experiences Short-Term Outage

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast – Max

Filecoin, a decentralised storage protocol, came to a halt recently on December 19 2020, due to instability caused by a bug within the network. Filecoin had issued a status report declaring that the network was halted as most of the nodes were “stuck at height 336459” and suffering from a ‘mismatched state computer error’ from unknown behaviour.

From the time the status report was issued to when it was updated, the Filecoin team took less than four hours to repair the problem. An additional part of the solution also involved all miners having to upgrade to the new Lotus client.

As a result of the platform outage, platforms including HitBTC and KuCoin published announcements to their users regarding disabled withdrawals and deposits for Filecoin, leaving users unable to trade Crypto on their platform. To this date, both companies have yet to change their decision, which was advised by the Filecoin team until they have reviewed and confirmed the status of the network.

Prior to the bug, Filecoin had just passed the 1 EiB network storage (1 exabyte), equalling to approximately 1 billion gigabytes. This number currently sits at 1.48 EiB with more than 854 miners as shown in the data found on the Filecoin dashboard.

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