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Female investors are taking charge of their finances and seeking advice from their social circles, according to an eToro survey

CJ - Bitcoin Specialist – 13-07-2022

Female investors are claiming responsibility of their assets now and in the future, according to new data from eToro. A social investing network survey of 1,000 female investors in the US found that 38% of women have full control over their household finances, with the main goal being to achieve long-term financial stability.

33 percent of female investors think they will hold their investments for ten years or more. Despite this, women invest regularly and aggressively, with 44% adding new funds to their accounts each month.

Female investors that are self-assured are opting for cryptocurrency investment.

The report claims that women's financial strategies are rapidly involving cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin investing. At the moment, domestic equities are dominating the market. With crypto assets coming in second at 41%, domestic equities are currently the most common investment choice for female investors, accounting for 53% of all investors.

With 79 percent believing they would achieve their retirement goals with their current investing plan, female investors in the United States are also tremendously enthusiastic about their financial futures. When evaluating investments, female investors are increasingly drawn to technology, both domestically and abroad.

Callie Cox, eToro's US Markets Analyst, offers her thoughts.

"It's inspiring to see women gaining more control over their financial lives and doing it on their own terms. Markets have been extremely difficult in recent years, and with volatility continuing, it's encouraging to see the majority of female investors remaining calm and taking a long-term strategy to their portfolios." 

Many female investors are still concerned about COVID-19.

Despite their high levels of confidence, the majority of female investors confess that the epidemic has had an influence on their financial habits, with over half (48%) saying they have less spare money as a result.

The difficulties don't end with the epidemic; over a third (27 percent) of female investors believe that choose what to invest in is sometimes the most difficult task.

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