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Exmo Cryptocurrency Exchange has Announced a Collaboration with FinTech Company MisterTango

MisterTango, a cryptocurrency FinTech company, is reportedly collaborating with European crypto exchange Exmo for faster payments and transfers for its users. MisterTango is an electronic payment company offering IBAN accounts to individuals or businesses related to cryptocurrencies. The company provides accounts to a few cryptocurrency exchanges already such as CEX.IO and Coingate which it believes will help them better serve future crypto partners. This collaboration will allow Exmo users to make an immediate Euro deposit or withdrawal from selling crypto.

Exmo wishes to ensure the best trading environment for its users and most efficient payment channels. The payment account can transfer money instantly via SEPA (Single European Payment Area) whilst also providing a pre-paid MasterCard for the fast and secure facilitation of cryptocurrency activity using Euros. Any user within the SEPA will be able to cash out crypto for an instant withdrawal.

Any individual looking to create a MisterTango account will be subject to their KYC and AML procedures for registering showing their commitment to regulatory compliance. Any client looking to create an account will have to complete the compulsory account verification before cashing out crypto.

EXMO is one of the largest companies involved with crypto in Europe and gaining this collaboration shows Mistertango as a serious contester as a payment provider. As Mistertango is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, a crypto friendly bank, many companies involved are choosing it as their payment provider. Some of the companies they already work with include WePower, Lympo, Crypterium, Bitdegree and more.

Payment providers such as Mistertango are vital to the success of projects and companies as global demand increases. The next successful payments providers that diversifies within crypto, could be the next big thing.

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