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Ethereum Is Making Its Worth In Hours

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Broker

The last week of January 2020 brought a change in the crypto markets. Many looked to buy Ethereum which gained a strong increase in value, even outpacing Bitcoin, rising to around $170. It even reached a high price of $187 within the period of a week which was an interesting movement of the market.  

Currently, the price is sitting around $180 while, the bullish trend it is shaping is supporting near $178. This is noticeable on its 4-hours candle chart appearing on ETH(USD). Another supporting level just a bit lower sits at $175 per coin.

Possibility to reach $200.

Increase is uncertain and will depend on sentiment to continue to buy Ethereum. Occasionally, predictions show optimistic results that never come to fruition. Seeing the recent increase in the price of Ethereum means it is not impossible that we will see a prediction of a potential rise to $200.

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