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Ethereum Classic Has Attained An Unexpected Increase

By Luke Flowers – Crypto Investor

Ethereum Classic is making greater gains than expected, as reported by Yahoo Finance. It has gained 11.4%, making it worth $9.87 to date. It has been amazing to see what the highest gain within a week has been. It now, rather surprisingly, occupies the 12th position in the rankings of largest cryptocurrencies used around the world. In market capitalization, it has even left Monero and DASH behind.

An optimistic wave of incremental increases in rates is hitting the markets. Ethereum Classic is receiving a lot of attention and with many now starting to buy Ethereum Classic, it is now able to achieve its own worth among other cryptocurrencies of the world. The compatibility between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is actively moving towards their improvement and it has become extremely easy for the developers to launch applications on both platforms.

The total gains it has experienced is more than 110% in a single month of 2020. This is nice progress among cryptocurrencies. Most crypto’s have gained a raise of 2- 4 % increase in their rates. Ethereum Classic could have experienced greater gains as it is able to enter the decentralization application development community which enhances its potential.

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