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Employees at Texas Bank have access to a Bitcoin savings plan

CJ - Cryptocurrency Specialist

Vantage Bank in Laredo, Texas, provides its employees with the Bitcoin Savings Plan as an alternative to traditional savings plans.

Thanks to technologies created in partnership with NYDIG, a company that is developing an inclusive financial system with trusted Bitcoin as a universal alternative are creating a great crypto asset management system – allowing bank employees to automatically convert a portion of their salary into Bitcoin. The Bitcoin will then be kept on the custody platform run by NYDIG, where it will be managed and safeguarded.

"Vantage Bank Texas is focused on teaching our workers, investigating the technology, and discovering how the blockchain can best assist our clients and their financial needs," said Shawn Main, Chief Business Architect at Vantage Bank. “We're also working closely with the Texas Blockchain Council to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and its potential applications in our financial system. Our collaboration with NYDIG is just one example of how we're educating our staff about this game-changing technology."

While the bank does not enable consumers to trade crypto, Main stated that the corporation aims to provide instructional tools to its workers to assist them better comprehend the new technology.

Vantage employees will have unlimited access to their money, just like they would in a regular savings account.

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