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Electroneum Price Lacking Momentum in Spite of the M1 Phones Amazon UK Launch

By Tyler Smith – Crypto Investor

The Electroneum (ETN) price has experienced a rather unfortunate drop in USD value by 0.34% in the previous 24 hours. Besides that, it has also depreciated in Bitcoin value by 1.5%, resulting in receiving less coin if it was used for buying Bitcoin.

Even though it does have a fairly decent stand at 157 Satoshi or $0.006437, it remains to be seen if something turns up. It does feel like ETN’s $13 million of enhanced trading volume would help smooth things along the way, but that isn’t really going to help much. Instead, it depends on the Huobi listing and how it’s going to help users buy Electroneum and garner more liquidity.

Electroneum M1 makes its way to Amazon UK

The biggest story of this week for Electroneum was the launch of the M1 smartphone, now available for purchase on Amazon UK. However, it’s still not available for other countries to purchase from Amazon. Nevertheless, there’s still a solid chance that the phone will reach the US and other major regions as well. Even with ETN potentially gaining traction from these events, there’s always uncertainty.

The phone boasts features unique to cryptocurrencies such as Cloud Mining. Users can mine ETN using their phone to then buy cryptocurrency or other goods and services that accept crypto. There may also be the possibility of Electroneum being included in Litebit sometime later. And even though we have yet to see the brand give in to the needs of the community in this matter, there’s still a positive chance something good may come about afterward.

Finally, there’s one member of the Electroneum community who’s started printing ETN merchandise. However, it has yet to be decided whether these projects will be available for global purchase or whether users can buy crypto for the purchase.

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