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Electric Car Users Can Soon Pay with Cryptocurrency At European Charging Points

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency Professional - June 25 2021

2021 has left a lot of crypto investors with mixed feelings due to the one-to-one ratio of outstanding achievement and downfalls. Enthusiasts have witnessed incredible all-time highs as well as devastating lows. 

However, regularly, cryptocurrency takes the media by storm, usually to boast a new victory. And despite news regarding carbon emissions and sustainability, crypto industries look to various options to power their projects as environmentally friendly as possible.

In other positive news, each month, we gradually see more cryptocurrency adoption worldwide, from more people investing in cryptocurrency to a multitude of merchants accepting it as payment. A study conducted in 2020 revealed that 36% of small-medium businesses allow customers to pay with crypto in the US.

Recently, a new project for integrating crypto payments is nearly ready to be launched throughout Europe. Electric car owners will soon be able to purchase their fuel by using their crypto investments. 

E-commerce solutions company HIPS Payment Group Ltd and Swedish firm Vourity have collaborated to make this initiative possible. The integration will commence in November 2021 where all EV charging stations will take crypto.

While most retailers opt for Bitcoin (BTC) investments as the first choice of payment, Ethereum (ETH) will likely be the cryptocurrency for the charging points.

The popular coin Ether is one of the speculated cryptocurrencies to be utilized as a car charging payment option over all European countries for the next three years. The reason why it's believed to be the first choice to be integrated into the systems as the logo of the crypto coin ticker ETH can be seen in the payment terminal.

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