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El Salvador Increases Crypto Holdings by adding another 21 Bitcoin

By Jamie – Cryptocurrency Specialist - 25/12/2021

Buying and Selling Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming increasingly popular globally, as more institutions and countries express their interest in the DeFi market. El Salvador acquires an extra 21 Bitcoin (BTC) to drive the country's crypto portfolio forward, as the city of Abilene intends to construct an intriguing data center for Bitcoin mining.

El Salvador has added 21 additional Bitcoin to its expanding cryptocurrency holdings. When it comes to cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, El Salvador is a call-to-action country and has accomplished one of the amazing accomplishments thus far in 2021 by completing their large Bitcoin purchase.

The country's purpose and what they want to achieve in Bitcoin and with cryptocurrencies are both confirmed by the purchase of such a large sum. Furthermore, since El Salvador began recognising Bitcoin as legal payment for goods and services, the nation has been heavily investing in Bitcoin with only more of their residents participating and making Bitcoin investments. 

When the news broke, Bitcoin Archive was overjoyed, and he responded with a tweet: "Intriguingly, with Bitcoin's great advances and momentum in the market, the City of Abilene has revealed that it plans to create a $2.4 billion data center in the name of Bitcoin." The data center, in particular, will be an intriguing hub that will house Bitcoin mining and associated activity in the nation.

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin's price is $49,346.51 at the time of publication, with a market value of nearly $931 billion.

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