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Dump Bitcoin for Share Buybacks, Researcher Informs Tesla

Cryptocurrency expert - Ollie

After Tesla's $1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) was revealed, Goldman Sachs' Gary Black removed his TSLA spot. He managed to stop a 28% collapse, and now he's telling the car manufacturer to shun cryptocurrency rather than going to share buybacks.

The previous CIO shares of Goldman Sachs attracted a positive response on Twitter, proposing that Tesla should sell all of its Bitcoin and repurchase the shares of the firm. TSLA's share prices have fallen by 28% from $863.42 to $621.44 since February 8 when reports broke that Tesla is buying Bitcoin.

In the short term, MicroStrategy's shares have done worse. The company that is led by big Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor has just concluded its new $15 million Bitcoin investment on March 3. It is reportedly down 50% from its all-time peak of $1,315 on February 9.

Tesla's market share difficulties are possibly due to a number of reasons. It was announced at the beginning of February that Tesla had been reprimanded by the Chinese government. The corporation was reprimanded on the grounds of perceived quality management issues after several customer reports were issued by the authorities. The broader financial market has already undergone some uncertainty and the S&P 500 has decreased by 4.1% in the last 30 days.

Even so, the tweet from long-standing Tesla analyst Gary Black, who has several years of financial services expertise, prompted some speculation as to whether Tesla's purchase of $1.5 billion of Bitcoin in February helped investors. One user on Twitter called Techgnostik said:

Black countered the tweet by saying that TSLA might also build on the participation of more fund managers for an equity buyback scheme. He finds that the approach is of greater benefit to the consumer than the acquisition of Bitcoin with surplus capital.

A number of members on Twitter decided that a stock buyback would prove to be a more acceptable use of funds. Others, on the other hand, thought that so much exposure had been paid to what Tesla had done for just 8% of their cash reserves.

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