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Duelist King Releases Second NFT Batch After First Sold Like Hot Cakes

By Harry - Bitcoin Investor - 01-12-2021


Oracle and random number generator, Duelist King, had a successful Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sale in Q3 of this year. Due to many investors buying crypto art collection Duelist King NFT, the decentralised gaming company decided to create a second release. Duelist King had announced the new edition of NFTs on December 15. Reportedly, the first batch of their NFT cards had been completely sold within 45 minutes. The first selection of NFTs were mystery boxes with random card designed NFTs. To put it into perspective, the initial batch had 50,000 mystery boxes to be sold. According to Duelist King, each box costed just $5 with each investor having the same chance and opportunity to receive a rare card in their box. The great demand for these NFTs is abundantly clear and shows what prompted Duelist King to create another batch.

Duelist King is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a win-to-earn gameplay. The company aims to redesign the way people trade and buy cryptocurrency, collect NFTs, and more. The NFT collections from Duelist King have a variety of rarity levels to give people more of a chance to grab a rare card. In total, investors can collect up to six different rarity levels, these levels vary from Common to Legendary. The company is able to provide even and fair distribution of its NFT mystery boxes through its in-house decentralised blockchain technology. One thing to note is that the second batch of NFTs will only have 20,000 available with the expectation that these NFTs will sell out much faster. According to Duelist King, this batch will be sold in 25 card distribution stages to help players build strong decks as well as checking out all the games features.

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