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Doodles NFTs appoints Pharrell Williams as Chief Brand Officer

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The Ethereum NFT project Doodles made a few significant announcements at a gathering held in conjunction with the NFT NYC conference.

The Non Fungible Tokens collection said that Seven Seven Six, a venture capital firm, has led its first round of investment. Pharrell Williams, a producer and singer, will also work on the project as a brand officer.

Williams, who recently revealed his own NFT initiative called "Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA)," will help define Doodles' approach to music, artwork, consumer items, animation, and events in his new role with the company. “I adore the things made by the company” he said in a pre-recorded video remark during the event. Doodles will progress as we branch out from the core group of users.

In addition to his role as a brand officer, Williams will also serve as the executive producer of the upcoming Doodles-inspired music album "Doodles Records: Volume 1," which will be distributed in conjunction with Columbia Records.

A Doodles representative said that the CD would include well-known music artists and showcase illustrations by Doodles artist Scott "Burnt Toast" Martin.

The album will only be available for purchase through NFTs, but it can be streamed on a variety of platforms. It will also include an undefined number of more NFT collectibles. The Doodles creator reported that Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian's venture capital firm, Seven Seven Six, funded the startup's initial fundraising round. In a pre-recorded video message shown during the event, Ohanian said that Seven Seven Six plans to work with the Doodles team and "take all the work they've done so far and carry it to another level, scale it even higher."

Along with Williams, the co-founder of Seven Seven Six, Katelin Holloway, will join the Doodles board.

While they were still there, the Doodles founders disclosed that Doodles 2, a new NFT Market collection that will have millions of avatars, would be arriving soon. The company has not yet revealed which blockchain the avatars would instead be launched on.

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