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Donald Trump Says His NFT Collection is ‘Sort of Cute’

David – Crypto Speculator 

Donald Trump claimed that he launched his NFT coins line because he enjoyed the art and believed the portraits of him were ‘sort of cute.’

The twice-impeached former commander-in-chief and former television personality claimed in a recent interview with One America News that Trump Digital Trading Cards was more of an artistic endeavour than an NFT crypto investment.

Earlier this month, Trump introduced his non fungible tokens trading cards, promising them as "a significant announcement." When the $99 each Polygon NFTs were released, they were slammed by the public. Many Trump fans said they wouldn't buy them, while other people pointed out watermarks from unauthorised stock photographs in the images.

Trump was shown in the digital trading cards as an astronaut, a cowboy, and a superhero, among other stances and outfits, and they were advertised as showcasing "amazing art of [Trump's] life and work.

Trump responded that he "didn't view it as an investment" but repeated that he "thought they were cute" when questioned why he would decide to introduce NFTs while the entire NFT market was in decline.

A meet-and-greet or dinner with the previous leader were among the benefits offered to ones who buy NFT. Trump's NFT collection was completely sold out in a single day, but as interest in the tokens has waned, so has the floor price.

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