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DOGE Space Mission Sets its Sights for the Moon Early 2022

By Ollie H - Crypto Consultant - 10-11-2021


Is the only way up for the cryptocurrency trading industry? Well,  that is now literally true as an asset plans to go to the "literal moon." A meme cryptoasset dubbed Dogecoin (DOGE) took over the cryptocurrency community and even started a mass chain of meme flankers. Even though the price to buy DOGE has steadied in recent months, this has not stopped the Shiba-Inu-inspired cryptocurrency from going above and beyond.

The recent news that's taking the crypto media by storm is a space mission that’s funded by investments in Dogecoin. SpaceX has teamed up with a couple of blockchain businesses to help get the meme-coin to the moon. Reportedly, this lunar crypto project is said to be ready to launch in the early months of 2022. The two companies supporting the mission are Unizen (ZCX) and ZenX. Unizen (ZCX) is the world's first smart exchange ecosystem for digital assets, and ZenX is a decentralised finance incubator.

The collaborating businesses will help construct the DOGE-1 CubeSat; the CubeSat is a small satellite that will collect data while in orbit. According to Market Insider, the satellite uses its sensors, mirrors, and cameras to install information in space. The CubeSat will provide a new area for use in the cryptocurrency industry. Reportedly, over 1,600 CubeSats have already been launched into space. However, the CubeSat for Dogecoin, DOGE-1, is said to travel the furthest, up to 250,000 miles. Even though the mission has eyes on launching earlier in the next year, there are no confirmed dates yet.

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