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Despite the FTX meltdown, Toncoin (TON) Has Increased By More Than 12% In One Week

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  • TON's price has increased by 2.80% to $1.77 as of right now

  • The username auction was the primary factor in TON's recent success

  • The well-known market creator DWF Labs and TON blockchain have partnered

Considering that many other ecosystems are battling to survive in the wake of the FTX crisis, Toncoin (TON) has been performing fairly well. CoinMarketCap, a website that tracks the cryptocurrency market, reports that TON is presently changing hands for $1.77, an increase of 2.80% over the previous day. Over the past seven days, the cryptocurrency has gained more than 12% in value. 


Additionally, TON was able to gain ground on the market's two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), by around 1.80% and 1.87%, respectively. The 24-hour trading volume for TON, which has increased by more than 26% to $12,007,358, is also in the black.

TON has a market valuation of $2,160,507,739, ranking it as the 26th most valuable cryptocurrency at the moment. This ranks TON in front of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in position 27 and immediately behind Stellar (XLM) in position 25, respectively.

It appears that TON's username auction was the primary factor in its recent success. Despite just being introduced this week, the auction has witnessed a huge volume of transactions. On November 27, an unidentified person paid 350,000 TON, or around $546,000, for the nickname "Dogecoin" of the meme coin. The most expensive username on the list is @auto, which a user paid 900,000 TON for. This is valued at over $1.43 million.

Additionally, the well-known market creator DWF Labs and TON blockchain have partnered. With this new agreement, the open-source protocol will get financial assistance, token and market development, and cryptocurrency exchange listing. With DWF Labs involved, TON's volume across compatible platforms should increase even more. 

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