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DecentWorld and Liquidifty join forces with GlobalPass to help people verify their identities

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In order to power identity verification and create a fraud-proof network for its services, GlobalPass has partnered with DecentWorld and Liquidifty.

DecentWorld, a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform, and Liquidifty, a cross-chain NFT Marketplace platform, have teamed up with GlobalPass in order to support trusted identity verification and build a fraud-proof network for both platforms.

"NFT enterprises must be ready for future laws and ensure that they have the infrastructure in place to enable KYC/AML," Tomas Sniukas, CEO of GlobalPass, said.

"Making sure everything is in order will be beneficial to the business in other ways." To convert crypto revenues into fiat cash, NFT markets will have to work with banks. Banks will not engage with any company that does not adhere to tight guidelines.

We are building a more favorable working frame that benefits our clients, their customers, and their business partners, all while reducing their exposure to financial crime, by taking a risk-based approach and adding KYC and AML safeguards through GlobalPass," Sniukas said.

GlobalPass provides a completely automated Swiss quality solution for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and end-to-end identity verification and compliance services to a variety of businesses.

The all-in-one platform, which includes a faultless KYC process, real-time business verification, crypto verification, and transaction monitoring, assists financial and non-financial organizations in building a secure, reliable digital environment.

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