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Decentraland Relocated New York’s Times Square in Virtual Metaverse During 2022 New Year’s Eve Party

By Jamie - Crypto Expert - 12-31-21

The popular NY Times Square was replicated in virtual reality to join the real celebration of welcoming the year 2022 with hope. This is made possible by a decentralised metaverse project called Decentraland. The Decentraland’s MetaFest 2022 NYE Party hosts different entertainments and festivities, such as live music, VIP breakout rooms, merchandised tokens and more. The virtual reality will do its best to copy the event as a onetime designation, made known as One Time Square. All of these will simultaneously occur at Decentraland's Estate 4 area, employing international news showing the festivities, CryptoArt exhibits and games. The event certainly boosted the value of digital assets involving Non Fungible Tokens and cryptocurrencies. Thus, there is more to look forward to for crypto market investment.

As a result, many organisations and investors expressed their desire to engage in this new digital era. One of the investors is Micro Bank from Sweden. It is known for its openness in cryptocurrency. This time, it is starting digital asset custody services all over Europe. Moreover, it has in its plan to make more profit by engaging in NFT markets and making its collections available. Aside from the bank, other NFT groups boost their sales. Two of them are the ape-based groups, namely, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Their sales rose from a high sales ranking and surged in transactions. Metaverse continues to affirm the relevance of cryptocurrency exchange platforms that offer financial and business transactions. One should go to the trusted crypto broker to understand investing in cryptocurrency.

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