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Decentral Games' Introduces Atari Casino Expanding Virtual Nightlife Offerings

By Tyler S - Cryptocurrency Investor - 30-04-2021

As Decentral Games continues to find new ways to grow their virtual nightlife offerings, virtual encounters are becoming the new standard.

DAO Decentral Games has recently released an Atari-branded casino as an endeavour to expand into the metaverse nightlife space.

The casino is the DAO's third such establishment. The DAO buys land in virtual worlds like Decentraland and opens digital businesses. The provably fair games are designed to be "nostalgia-inducting," as stated in a Decentral Games handout.

Decentral Games also allows gamers to use tokens on their allowed crypto coin list, like Dai (DAI), Ethereum (ETH), and Decentraland's MANA. A particularly motivating feature that gamers can use is that the "gaming mining" program that provides rewards in a form of investing in cryptocurrency to those who take part with Decentral Games' governance token, $DG.

Decentral Games has been developing a variety of Whitelabel games for Decentraland before launching as an enterprise DAO. The company recently announced a digital version of the legendary Amnesia club just a week ago. This was a way to commemorate the opening of the Atari Casino, and they invited DJ Dillon Francis to perform ahead of three, 700 people from around the world:

As the NFT space has gained momentum, the metaverse — an idea for interconnected virtual worlds that enable in-game economies — has become a hot sector for speculators and builders, with significant players like Fortnite creator Tim Sweeny admitting that the tech is "going places."

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