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Dash Price Closing in to $150

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Professional

Cryptocurrency is the rage these days and various projects are looking to enhance their brand and presence. But even though Dash is one of the more solid projects out there, it often goes unnoticed by crypto enthusiasts. Considering how the present Dash price is looking to hit $150 once more, many long-time users will be quite fascinated with what they’re going to get and those new looking to expose themselves by buying crypto.

Dash Price Soars

The reason why Dash is having a hard time getting noticed is because numerous other cryptocurrency projects and altcoins are flooding the market and while doing so, crypto users are overlooking the fact that the Dash price is picking up steam again. But even in spite of its minimal momentum, there are high hopes for this currency in the future according to successful growth in the ecosystem.

At the moment, the current USD value of Dash sits in at $133.21. Considering how the market have been recently, that isn’t a bad position. What’s more, is that the BTC value ratio has increased after this gain. If this crypto buying momentum persists, then there is no doubt that Dash will reach the $150 mark again.

There is a way for the Dash value to be impacted in BitRefill, which is one of the currencies supporters by including Chili’s gift cards, even if it’s indirectly. But while this is a sign for positive economic growth, it won’t exactly influence the price in a meaningful way unlike a surge of those buying crypto.

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