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DARPA Teams Up With a Crypto Company Using Inca Digital for Digital Evaluation

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

In order to determine whether or not the growing usage of digital assets posed a threat to public safety and law enforcement, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) collaborated with Inca Digital, a crypto intelligence company.

In order to aid law enforcement in examining unauthorized usage of digital assets, Inca will provide tools that will provide the Pentagon with a detailed perspective into the inner workings of the crypto market investment. 

The work being conducted here involves mapping out the cryptocurrency trading universe in some detail, according to Mark Flood, the program manager for DARPA, who discussed this initiative in an interview with the Washington Post. Flood discussed the specifics of this research while revealing that the office's goal in battling illicit money is to use the data for insights into the dynamics influencing regular financial markets, an area where specific information is difficult to come by.

According to Flood, in the future, the financial sector will play a role in contemporary warfare. He cited the Tornado Cash money laundering case, in which hackers connected to the South Korean government used the funds to purchase weapons, and the Russian attack on the Ukrainian banking system.

He then vowed to do all in his power to safeguard, support, and protect the financial sectors of the United States and its allies.

Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital, stated that the company's work with DARPA will be "quite wide-ranging". Zarazinski provided further information regarding the collaboration, saying “The project aims to assist the government in understanding the flow of money into and out of distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, systems.”

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