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Cryptocurrency Trends

By Jamie Green – Crypto Dealer

After a steady 2019, Cryptocurrency in 2020 is looking to reinvent itself. With the speed at which the acceptance of cryptocurrency is increasing, it is highly likely that 2020 will be the defining factor in digital currency as detailed on TheOpenNews. In 2019 companies like Conipop entered to boost the market and we also saw giant leaps in technology such as big data management and encryption. In 2020, bringing the decentralisation of cryptocurrencies to the masses will be a big concept in the cryptocurrency market.

Decentralisation in the past has not been an acceptable option and has thus been ignored. However, we can safely predict that in 2020 decentralization will become more of a reality and not exclusive to cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Ethereum is a block chain platform for many different crypto tokens.  When people buy and sell cryptocurrency, many of these assets likely run on the Ethereum network. The newest version, dubbed Ethereum 2.0 has passed the preliminary testing and we are likely to see it launch in 2020. Ethereum 2.0 will provide stability, protection, and a user-friendly experience.

Conipop were extremely limited at the start with a concept that was not widely accepted. Due to new entries like Conipop, we believe cryptocurrency will become a more competitive market in 2020. The Lightning network is used for many Bitcoin transactions and it has proven itself to be a more efficient and a cost friendly tool for traders.

Finally, it is likely that the regulation change in America will boost the overall market size of cryptocurrencies as the tech giants come together to put pressure on the government to amend obsolete laws.

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