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Cryptocurrency Trading Expert Waits For Fantom To Reach $3 Before Purchasing More

By Kenny S - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 05-09-2021

On social media platform Twitter, a cryptocurrency expert has been sharing his latest trading strategies with his followers. Andre Cronje, a renowned developer, has tweeted out to his fan base that he is waiting for the price to buy cryptocurrency Fantom (FTM) to fall below $3. Andre, the developer who established the successful cryptocurrency Yearn Finance, reportedly announced his plans to purchase Fantom at the next dip. 

The tweet from the developer came shortly after the CEO of FTX talked about Solana (SOL) in a separate post. The CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, FTX, made a tweet stating "I'll buy as much SOL as you have, right now, at $3. Sell me all you want" before telling people impolitely to go away. The tweet from @SBF_FTX dated back to January of this year, around the time where the price for buying crypto coin SOL was worth around $3. Solana's cryptocurrency value has continued to grow in more recent months and has risen to more than $135 so far this year.

Fantom (FTM), the directed acyclic graph (DAG) smart contract platform, was at $1.04 with a 24-hour trading volume of $626,178,736. Fantom aims to tackle difficulties associated with smart-contract systems; the platform also provides developers with decentralised finance (DeFi) initiatives. 

Aside from Cronje's following on Twitter, the tweet managed to draw the attention of the entire crypto community. One Twitter Account even went as far as to compare both SOL and FTM. Reportedly, the Twitter user states that FTM appears to be following in the same footsteps as SOL.

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