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Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Phemex, Celebrates Its Second Year Of Business


By Ollie - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 02-12-2021

A Singapore-based exchange where investors can buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, is reportedly giving back to its community. Phemex, Singapore’s significant crypto trading company is celebrating its second year in business with its fans through the company’s “Choose Your Reality” event. Phemex opened its doors and launched in 2019 and is now hosting a competition to commemorate its second anniversary. In the competition, all fans are invited to share their goals and dreams. According to Phemex, the winners of the event will turn those dreams into reality as soon as February 2022.

As you may be able to tell, the cryptocurrency trading platform is one that is community-driven and user-focused. Other exchanges and crypto businesses typically try to just make as much money from their customers as possible without really looking into their needs. This is where Phemex is different, as it puts the needs of its community first which is made clear by the new event. In total, Phemex has over 39 crypto pairs, 40 spot pairs, and sees regular mass traffic on its platform including its 1.5 million-user base. Reportedly, Phemex has also launched some unique initiatives in the last two years, some of which include giveaways. One particularly notable giveaway is the 2.1 BTC Puzzle Giveaway where you can win BTC and also receive a $100 trading bonus.

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