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Crypto.com Payment Gateway Is Releasing A Subscription Option

By Mark L - Cryptocurrency expert - 02-09-2021

Bitcoin Accepted Here

The growth for cryptocurrency adoption has been expanding at an exponential rate in recent times. Many merchants are now allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) and other forms of popular cryptocurrencies. In the United States, over 2300 retailers accept Bitcoin investments as a form of payment, and over 15000 stores businesses accept the currency worldwide.

Crypto exchange platform, Crypto.com, has recently announced on its payment gateway platform, Crypto.com Pay, that a new recurring payment function will be added to the gateway. The latest feature for Crypto.com Pay will allow retailers who use the platform to create subscriptions with cryptocurrency for their products and services. The feature helps merchants set up recurring payments from their consumers without extra expenses and interest. This is a perfect feature for customers who invest in cryptocurrency and would like to pay with their investments.

The new function, when completed, will be automatically upgraded to the system and will be available for use immediately. As soon as the subscription feature has been activated when purchasing a product or service, customers will see that the recurring payments will begin right away and be deducted from their Crypto.com app wallet. The charges will continue to carry out until the subscription period has expired.

How a subscription is created through Crypto.com Pay is retailers can create a catalogue of services and goods that will have a subscription, then they can customise the billing and price for each item on the Dashboard. After the subscriptions are implemented, customers can choose which cryptocurrency they want to use for payment. Some cryptos available to choose from are Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Litecoin (LTC).

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